Our Robots have been specially designed to make good cooking easier and more practical . You will be able to easily make traditional, current or avant-garde homemade recipes, stews, vegetables, rice, pasta, porridge, soups and creams, pastries, yogurt ... soon you will learn its easy handling and your imagination will do the rest to emulate a great chef! < / p>

TOPCHEF integrates Programmable 6-liter Pressure Cooker and Hot Air Oven & quot; Airfryer & quot; , a 2 in 1 with which you can cook any recipe , be it stewing, boiling, roasting, baking or frying, vegetables, meats, fish, pasta, rice dishes, pastries ... Prepare a great dish in a short time and continue with your activities until time to enjoy it!

THERMODREAM brings together the functions of multiple electrical appliances in one . You can weigh, chop, crush, chop, curdle, emulsify, knead, sauté, fry and also steam, thanks to its versatility and its complete accessories . In its large capacity glass you will easily cook countless recipes, from the most basic and quick to those of a true gourmet . Select time, temperature, speed ... and let's cook!



Designed to provide maximum versatility and efficiency , each robot has a unique set of functions aimed at making good cooking easy and very practical. < / strong>


Thanks to its ease of use and its complete programs, you will be able, without any effort, to cook your favorite dishes and also new recipes that you can find both in the recipe book that accompanies the equipment and in our blog.


Our robots have state-of-the-art technology to help you both in food processing and in preparing the most succulent recipes. With a variety of programs focused on the most relevant foods such as pasta, rice, eggs, vegetables, cereals, etc. that will guarantee you a healthy and appetizing diet.


Cook comfortably, just by pressing a button, in a few minutes you will have prepared the dishes that you most want. When you finish enjoying a good diet, you have time to enjoy your hobbies because you only have to clean one container.


Everything you need to keep your food processor looking like new.


For all those who enjoy nature with their caravan, trailer, boat, etc. our TOPCHEF robot is the solution: express pot, conventional pot to cook whatever you want, Airfryer oven, all in a single device and with just one container to clean. You save space, save time while enjoying the best recipes.


With the Airfryer, Slow Cooker, Porridge or Steam Cooking functions, we can enjoy a healthy and nutritious diet. Our robots are designed to take care of you as you like, they know how to offer you both recipes and the healthiest way to cook them.


With our robots and their intuitive programs you will learn to make tasty recipes effortlessly and easily. It is only a matter of time before you are going to bring out the chef in you, enjoying the kitchen with your family and friends.

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