Products that make the Chef

In our group of companies we have companies with recognized experience in the world of electrical appliances and technology. In MakeCuisine we combine both worlds with a high level of innovation to offer you all Kitchen Equipment necessary so that you unleash the Chef you have inside and you can perform the same culinary techniques of the professionals such as Sous-Vide sous vide, cooking at Low Temperature , Smoked Food , all in an easy and intuitive way. Take command of the stove with our equipment, enjoy and surprise your loved ones!


At ABENSYS GROUP & nbsp; we have always stood out for & nbsp; promoting technology and innovation, bringing outstanding products to the market in the field of telecommunications and retail, as & nbsp; the first professional wireless solutions for large companies, hotels & nbsp; and organizations . We were also pioneers in introducing high definition video conferencing in the cloud for enterprises, or more recently & nbsp; we led the shift to digitization in retail < / strong> with & nbsp; solutions such as ESL electronic price tags in the cloud , among & nbsp; many other proposals.
Our passion is to use technology as a medium to improve the daily lives of the users of our products and solutions. & nbsp;


In the electrical appliances sector & nbsp; we always provide & nbsp; innovative products with cutting-edge technologies, such as the first bread-making machines. the first induction cookers & nbsp; or the first bagless vacuum cleaners . & nbsp; In MakeCuisine & nbsp; we have specialized in the kitchen world to develop & nbsp; technologically advanced equipment with the aim of offering the user the maximum facility to prepare tasty and healthy recipes that save time and effort .
Our goal is to provide the necessary innovation to enjoy cooking . For this we make available to everyone the products that can & nbsp; perform the techniques used by the best chefs , such as Sous- Vide and Low Temperature Cooking . & Nbsp;


We know that many times our pace of life and responsibilities do not allow us to dedicate all the time to the kitchen that we would like. That is why we also want to offer you these dishes gourmet designed and cooked by our chefs so that you can enjoy them whenever and wherever you want . Both for events or celebrations , and for & nbsp; your & nbsp; daily food , we put at your disposal & nbsp; a selection of the best and more s healthy recipes , we take them refrigerated there. wherever you are , you keep them in the fridge and thanks to their long shelf life you can enjoy them at any time.
You can also make them at home without difficulty with the help of our kitchen teams !!


In MakeCuisine & nbsp; all our efforts are aimed at giving you a pleasant, accessible and safe shopping experience, that is why you can find all our equipment on our web page , from our application MakeCuisine available at Google Play and App Store of Apple , in the most prominent marketplaces and of course not, physically also in the best shops of our country. From all these places we will do everything we can. within our reach to inform you in the most professional way, offering you the utmost diligence and security in transactions throughout the purchase process .
In the same way, we remain < strong> always at your disposal for any questions or clarification
you may need at comercial@makecuisine.com